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Think Yachts has worked to combine the benefits of online selling with local agent representation, meaning buyers and sellers can still tap into that expertise but with the added bonus of being global in their marketing.

With a boat to sell you have 2 choices:

  1. Privately listing and advertising your boat

    This is the Do It Yourself or ‘DIY’ option that may seem appealing to many boat owners since it seems to bypass the necessity to pay commissions to a Yacht Broker and hence save you money. This might seem simple and low cost at the outset but remember buyers expects listings to be of the highest quality as well as being listed with a reputable agent or dealer - all to offer them reassurance. Remember also, to obtain the price you are looking for, your boat needs to be seen by your largest possible target audience.
  2. Using the services of a professional Yacht Broker

Why would anybody choose to pay a Yacht Broker a commission? Let us try to answer that question as follows:

  • A Broker will have the knowledge and market experience to list your boat with the correct level of detail and present them in the best light to attract the most customers
  • A broker will have previous experience of boats similar to yours, buyers likes and dislikes of them, problem areas etc.
  • A Broker will be able to advise on presentation tricks to make your boat shine above the competition
  • A Broker provides a crucial barrier between you and the buyer
  • A Broker’s non emotional involvement and objectivity is vital, particularly at the negotiation stages and can prove to be extremely valuable
  • The right broker choice
  • Positioning your boat accurately in the market is a skill that you cannot learn from books and is absolutely fundamental to achieving the maximum price for your boat. At Think Yachts we will provide you with a Position and Current Market Analysis to back up our advice on the pricing of your boat in your area.
  • A Broker will provide you with access to areas of marketing from specialist internet sites like Yachtworld to shop front displays to powerful global broker networking and boat shows that are simply unavailable to the private seller.
  • The higher price achieved through a Broker will typically far outweigh the brokerage fees that are charged.
  • A Broker will sell your boat far more quickly – how do you value that?
  • A Broker usually invests up-front to list, advertise and market your boat, with no commission due until a sale is completed, meaning that in effect the buyer is paying for the service.
  • Think Yachts works on this basis and also provides the option of kickstarting the process and giving your boat a bit of boost over and above the similar boats market. (see Optional Services)
  • The correct procedural guidance, legal obligations placed upon the seller and leaving the correct paperwork trials are crucial for your protection both legally and financially on any size of boat.

When you weigh up the options that the decision is quite clear.

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